Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spanish Scattergories

The week of Thanksgiving, being only three days long, I decided to cut my kids some slack. Well, the good kids anyway. So I played Scattergories with my all-girls class. Their vocabulary isn't broad enough yet for an all-Spanish game, so I just gave bonus points if they were able to use Spanish words. If you haven't played Scattergories, let me give you the basic rules (at least, the way they were played in my class):

-Roll a lettered, many-sided dice to get the key Letter of the round.
-Give a category from the card and 30 seconds to select as many words starting with the key letter that fit the category.
-You receive points for picking words that nobody else picked (very difficult in a class of 32 children)

I share this with you so that I can give you some examples of the responses the girls gave me. They speak for themselves.

*F - 'Excuses For Being Late'
----(Overheard) "Damn, I have so many good excuses I use and I can't think of one of them now!"

*R -'Places That Are Hot'
---- "Miss Señ you mean 'hot' like temperature or 'hot' like a tight place to go?" (translation for those of you who still don't get it...think Paris Hilton)

*F - 'Bad Habits'
---- "Being frisky!" (yes, they're still only 12 years old)

*B -'Things you wear'
---- "Bling Bling!" (she was excited because double points are awarded for answers that are two-word phrases in which both words begin with the Key letter)

*M -"Famous People'
----"Mark Wahlberg!"
...another student: "Who's that?" "You know, Donnie Wahlberg's brother"
...student: huh? again: "From New Kids on the Block!"
...student: "You mean that Mark Wahlberg grew up on your block?" *sigh

*P -'Cosmetics and Toiletries'
----"Huh? What does that mean?" "They are items that you would use for personal hygiene in the restroom as well as perfumes, colognes and makeup."
...student 1: "I still don't get it."
...student 2: "I think she means, like, bathroom stuff and, like, things you use in the bathroom..."
...entire class: "Ooooooooh. I get it!" "Are you kidding me?!?!"

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