Monday, March 31, 2008

Soy tigresa

Ms. Happy comes in bright and early for Resource Room. This morning she was working on writing techniques and, wanting to tie in the 7th grade trip to the Bronx Zoo, she decided to have the kids label themselves as an animal.

"I'm a penguin. They're fat an lazy and awkward" said KT
"I'm a bear" said the overweight boy who was actually there for detention, not RR, but whatever.

After each child spoke up, she asked them to label their teachers as an animal, giving a reason for each decision.

"I think Ms. Señora is a Tiger."
"OK. Please explain." responded Ms. Happy
"Well, she's mean most of the time, but also a tiger"

That just made my day.


jose said...

haha go get em tiger!

Mrs. T said...

What they won't say! Kind of a compliment, but kind of...well, not. Sometimes I miss middle schoolers.

Linda said...

That was funny. In a middle schoolers mind you are FIERCE which rules!