Friday, February 8, 2008


After a long week filled with Quality Review, observations, 312 grades due, and the physical removal of two parents from the premises of the school I was DONE by this Friday afternoon. Today about 1/3 of my students took a surprise trip (at least it was a surprise to me as I was never notified) to the CNN center. With such an empty class, I decided to sit down and just talk politics with the kids. They may not be able to vote in this election or the next, but certainly they have opinions.

Some want "Hillary" ("ahem, let's call her Ms. Clinton please guys") because:
-"it's about time we had a woman in office!"
-"she wants universal health care and I think everyone should have that too"
-"she already has experience in the white house"

Others want McCain because:
-"Republicans let us keep our money"
-"Both of my parents like him"

The rest were for Obama because:
-"if Hillary ("stop! It's Ms. Clinton, let's show her respect as an adult!") , fine, Ms. Clinton, is elected she's going to take away our video games."
-"It's about time we had a black guy for president"
-"he's the only one who has a fighting chance to end slavery"

*screechy record-stopping-noise* ....."What?!"

"Well, since he's black, he could probably end slavery"

(20 seconds of dumbfounded staring in disbelief)

"Slavery was abolished in 1863..."

"Oh, ...right. I guess I'm just tired."

I'm so proud to be teaching the future of America.

To encourage myself, I've been watching this video over and over. Here's a little inspiration for us all....


Mrs. T said...


Yeah, that'd be really great if Obama could abolish slavery. ;)

NYC Educator said...

Oddly, it appears to me that the Republicans have placed us under massive, crushing debt, and that even the Canadian dollar is worth more than ours nowadays.